We will assist you
to get things done

No more to-do list stress

We are your personal assistant handling business- and personal tasks


Calender management
E-mail management
Taking minutes at (online) meetings
Data entry 

Social Media

Social Media Scheduling 
Create content for your account
Producing a brand campaign 
Write your tweets
Help increase your following

Meetings, Events & Travel

Set up business meetings 
Set up itinerary for travel party
Book flights, hotels within given budget 
Calender management for special occasions 
Organize an event or team building adventure

Lifestyle Management

Household management; groceries, laundry services, doctor’s appointments, etc.
Gift planning for family and friends
Private parties and celebrations 
Find and book the best restaurants  

This is just a selection of the tasks we can take off your hands. All our packages are tailored to your needs.

Don’t see the tasks you need?

"You really wonder what suits your customer and try to respond to that. A very good commitment and a strong will to make every project a success.”
Gerrit van der Maaten
Former Director HR LeasePlan Automotive
“You are involved from A-Z, empathetic, punctual, reliable, perfectionist and everything you do feels custom made.”

Rossana & Patrick Kluivert
Head Youth FC Barcelona
“You actually care! A lot of people just do the job and don’t have any regular conversations about life itself. You guys treat every client like family, which is amazing!”
Owner HideAway Records

Why Us

Did you know that Dutch PA’s are known for their super planning and organizing skills? Our goal at DAY2DAY PA is to make the perfect match between you and one of our high quality PA’s, to help you save time so that you can focus on what matters the most. 

* We help you to focus on your business, by letting us do the paperwork (and more!) 

* We help you to structure your work, so you can be more productive 

* We bring fun by saving you time for the good things in life (and always with a smile!)

Above that most of our PA’s speak fluently English, which makes it easy to work for international clients or brands too. Our PA’s are intelligent, no-nonsense (wo)men mostly with an entrepreneur mindset, who understand what is needed to build a business. Our executive assistants are even a perfect sparring partner for you and your business. 

Another advantage is that DAY2DAY PA has a wide global network that our PA’s can use to bring out the best in their work for you.

The work we carry out is divided into three categories: Comfort, Premium and Executive. The difference is in the expertise that is required for the requested work, the execution is of course at the level that people are used to from us.

We noticed that customers need flexibility. That is why we work with an “hour-voucher” system, whereby you purchase a credit of €750.-, €1,250.- or €1,750.- in advance. With our online tool we accurately keep track of the hours worked, which can be viewed by the customer on a personal dashboard.


Activities that fall within the Comfort package include: administration, e-mail management and social media management.

Rate: €75.- per hour (excluding 21% VAT)


Activities that fall within the Premium package include: event management, press releases, website design and management.

Rate: €99.50 per hour (excluding 21% VAT)


Activities that fall within the Executive package include: coaching and brainstorming sessions, personal lifestyle management.

Rate: €175.- per hour (excluding 21% VAT)


* All mentioned fees are exclusive of two hours of start-up cost and 21% VAT. Our Hour Vouchers are valid for a period of three months. Via your personal dashboard you can keep track of how many hours you still have credit and also top up.

Don’t see the package you need?

“You have an eye for the smallest detail and everything arranged to perfection. When I call you in, I know I can let it go myself. As a control freak that means a lot.”

Quinty Trustfull
TV host | Daily show
“Professional, punctual and never miss a beat. The experience was 5 stars.”
O’Necean Gordon
Music producer
“Your personal touch and your enormous professionalism ensures that you can be deployed anywhere, whether it be for an international pop artist or a small business owner from Rotterdam.”
Marco Deusing
Owner T2 Events